The treasure island

Until the late 70's, the heart of Sardinia has been isolated from the outside world and therefore protected from intensive exploitation. The small family productions have preserved traditional cultures and unique varieties of plants. Nowadays our island is a marvelous resource of native mediterranean botanicals and the sanctuary of many ancient cultivar. 


43 natural reserves

3 regional parcs
5 marine parcs

The Founder

Hello! I am Guy Morand. I used to live in Paris. I worked 12 years for the pharmaceutical industry. My dream was to convey the knowledge of traditional medicine and Sardinia island was the perfect base to start this adventure. This island is particularly charming for keeping ancient traditions alive. It is the home of numerous passionate artesans. My family started to teach me to make organic oil. Once I perfected production to the highest quality, I decided to create "Native Sardinia", a brand of natural skincare oils. In which beauty rimes with sustainability and healthy living.
Sardinian people give you the best they have. It makes us feel proud and happy about our work. Look at my store! It contains also a selection of natural products from the best artesans of the island!

The Missions

- provide a fair retribution to farmers and artisans
- help small producers to access export markets
- reduce the exodus of younsgters
- prioritize the varieties resistant to desertification
- avoid the use of chemicals
- make only seasonal and genuine productions
- study the traditional medicine
- expand the knowledge of botanicals
- promote the use of pure natural extracts
- no damage and minimal cuts
- respect to the local fauna
- clean the land from pollution