Pistacia Lentiscus l. oil

Ancient beauty secret

Ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, the Greeks or the Romans knew very well the properties of plants. One of the most popular was the lentisk. The oil extracted from the berries was precious in daily life as a natural preservative or healing ointment. Applied on the skin one can sense a unique feeling of softness that remains surprisingly dry. It is ideal for the face. Its perfume intially begins with a powerful scent of mediterranean macchia. After a few minutes, it converts to a delicate fragrance and you can almost smell the seaside, where it was born.

To make the best virgin oil, Native Sardinia monitors the quality with modern means:

  • Dermatological test
  • Nickel test
  • Composition test
  • Stability test
  • Security Data Sheet

The properties

In mediterranean traditions, lentisk oil is often used as a calming and healing ointment in case of skin disorders, light burns or heavy legs. If you intend to make therapeutical use of it, please ask your doctor / pharmacist!
It is nowadays considered as a rare natural ingredient of the beauty routine. Ideal for the care of your face, body or hands.
Our premium oil naturally contains:
alpha-pinene essential oil 
(antibacterial, antifungic, antiviral)
beta-myrcene essential oil
(anti-inflamatory and sedativ)
Vitamine E
(reduces skin oxydative stress)

These properties mentioned above are given for information. They cannot be considered as a medical prescription.
If you intend to make a therapeutical use of this oil, you should get the approval of your doctor or your pharmacist!

Harvesting rules

We always choose our raw material with a deep consideration about sustainability and preservation. As an example, Pistacia Lentiscus grows spontaneous and happy in Sardinia! Therefore we do not need to use irrigation, nor fertilizers. The objective is to spare water and not to alter anything in the wildlife.

The harvest locations are preserved areas often used as pastures. We chose the females plants that are distant to residential areas or to intensive cultures. We collect and clean all the berries by hand without cutting the plants.

Extraction process

Very important: our berries are cold-pressed in a state-of-the-art facility to obtain the most genuine oil. The result is pure, unhaltered and fresh. Our oil is then tested and packed in a cosmetic laboratory in Sardinia. To secure the best preservation we  use pharmaceutical grade packaging, You can find our wild lentisk oil in the best pharmacies, in herborist shops or in our online store!

Recommendations for use

Face and hands Apply 2/3 drops on freshly cleaned skin and massage until full absorption. Use before your hydrating cream.
Legs and body mix it up to 10% with a greasier oil.
Beauty treatments
It can be used during day and night. For better results, alternate your skincare products.
WARNINGS : Do not use while pregrant or on children below 6 years old. Avoid direct application on mucous membranes, cuts and eyes.