Natural Cosmetics from Sardinia
botanical treasures of our island.

Enter the Mediterranean Paradise

"Sardinia is out of time and history", David Herbert Lawrence

Ancient Skincare Oil!

Wild Lentisk
Fruct Oil

This ancient and now rare ointment is delightful for face and body skincare. the feeling on the skin is soft and dry. Our virgin oil is 100% natural & pure. We extract it by cold pressure to preserve all the natural properties. It is also tested dermatologically to make your experience wonderful and safe.

Try this wonderful natural ointment!

Our values

We act in favour of our environnement.
We adapt our productions to the natural resources. We convey the knowledge about plants and their benefits. We promote cultures that do not use irrigation or chemicals.

Oil Excellence
Made with italian passion.
  • Wild, Biological or Natural cultures
  • Manual harvest
  • Cold pressing
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Pharceutical packaging
  • Full traceability 

Where to find us?

We are present in the best farmacies, herborists and organic stores!